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Bitguide: The Open Bitcoin University

Bitguide is an independent education platform where passionate Bitcoiners meet individuals and families to coach and educate them about Bitcoin. We have a diverse background of multiple years in banking, finance and crypto and aim to help everyone at every level (beginner or advanced) to navigate this market. We stream podcasts over Youtube, regular podcasting apps such as Spotify, and run an education club on the social media app Club House.

Every nation is going through more monetary expansion, which is an irreversible problem that causes inflation and economic destruction to society. We align with the idea of individual liberty and financial freedom, and throughout hundreds of thousands of hours of research and experience, we have come to the conclusion that Bitcoin is the ultimate solution to that idea. 

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Bitcoin's mission is to empower individual freedom

76 M+

Bitcoin users as of 2022


Publicly listed companies that hold Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset


Countries adopting Bitcoin as legal tender

$700 B+

Market capitalization as of January 2022

With only 700 Billion USD in market capitalization, Bitcoin is still in its infancy stage and only 1% of the world population has adopted it.


While the technology is evolving very quickly and applications such as wallets, trading platforms as well as payment layers are being currently built continuously, we have dedicated our career in being constantly in the known to deliver state of the art education material to individuals and families.


We believe that there is a tremendous road still ahead of Bitcoin's journey and hence a need for a lot of education about it. 

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


Choosing courage rather than comfort; choosing what is right for humanity over what seems fun, easy, fast or just a gamble.


Choosing to be responsible and take true ownership of what happens as a result of choices and actions. 


Proficiency is the ultimate gateway to self-sovereignty and freedom.


Dedication and persistence for the right reasons are the answer to long-term success. 


The experience of joy and fulfillment for what someone does are the drivers of what results they get.

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